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Partial Dentures Services in Hamilton

Partial Dentures Services in Hamilton

Barthmann Denture Clinic offers partial denture services for our clients in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. When a patient has some remaining natural teeth and some missing, partial dentures are required. Made of acrylic or metal, or a combination of both, partial dentures increase function and prevent natural teeth from shifting or drifting into the space left by the missing natural teeth. All partials are designed to be removed for cleaning and for your oral hygiene and do not harm the remaining natural teeth.

Type and style of partial dentures

There are many possible combinations of missing teeth. We will approach each situation on a case by case basis. Using current technological advancements, we can offer a wide variety of partial denture designs and materials to find a solution to each individual's oral situation. Missing teeth should not be ignored.

Premium quality dentures give our patients the confidence they need while eating, speaking or laughing.

A partial denture may prevent your natural teeth from shifting and provide additional support.

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