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Immediate Dentures in Hamilton

Thinking of Immediate Dentures?

Barthmann Denture Clinic offers immediate denture services for our clients in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. When a patient has to have their natural teeth extracted, they will require immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are inserted immediately upon extraction of the natural teeth. Many clients are proactive by getting immediate dentures to prevent a situation of being without their teeth.

Doing immediate dentures involves taking impressions of your mouth while your natural teeth are still present. Barthmann Denture Clinic will manufacture a denture that is in the likeness of your natural teeth and make any necessary modifications that you may require. During the healing process, your gums will shrink, which is completely natural. We make temporary relines to re-fit your appliance to the healing gums. After the healing process is complete we make a permanent reline to ensure the most comfortable fit possible.

Things you should know about immediate dentures

Before Barthmann Denture Clinic has to extract your teeth, certain esthetic compromises may be necessary.

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