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Denture Reline in Hamilton

Denture Reline in Hamilton

Barthmann Denture Clinic offers complete denture relining services for our clients in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Our procedure for relining consists of adding a new base of pink material to the tissue side of a denture to guarantee a snug fit. We must take a intra-oral impression inside your existing denture to complete the denture reline.

Dental implants preserve the bone by providing stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth root system. Dental implants are the closest to natural teeth and a great way to restore your natural smile. Implants are very affordable for anyone looking for relining.

Dental Implants are a great choice

Relining will not change the cosmetic appearance or fix any wear to the denture teeth. Relining is about the fit of your denture and is required when your tissue changes due to shrinkage.

Relining may be required if you have expeienced any of the following:

  • loss of weight
  • loss of bone/tissue
  • loss of teeth
  • disease or illness

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