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Denture Fit and Function Test


Have you had your denture fit and function test at Barthmann Denture Clinic?

Fit and function tests are done at appointments to determine and record changes that occur over time to (A) your dentures, which wear down due to chewing and brushing, and (B) your oral structures like your gums and bone height, which also change – they resorb and get smaller and atrophy.

We welcome new and returning patients to go over these changes and explain the need to stay on top of these concerns and to discuss new technology and techniques that could greatly benefit a good number of our clientele.

New dentures improve function and increase self-esteem and confidence as well as over-all health.  Dentures made on implants offer increased stability and security while helping to slow down the atrophy process and reducing sore spots. Implant supported dentures offer a solution

Barthmann  Denture Clinic strives to ensure their clients leave feeling their needs have been met in the best possible way.  ‘Our office relies on the comfortable relaxed family atmosphere to make patients feel at ease in what can be a very nervous situation for many people. Our quality, experience and attention to detail are what have brought our patients back over the years.

Many people ask,  “when is it time to get new dentures”.  If you haven’t seen a denturist in a year, you are due for your yearly check up so we can catch minor problems before they become very difficult to fix.  Consultations are free at Barthmann Denture Clinic and we can discuss what options are the best for you.

Submitted by Ulli Barthmann: November 22, 2016

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