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Trust someone with more than your smile

Ulli Barthmann-Marino

When you must replace your natural teeth, you trust someone with more than your smile -your entire image is at stake.

Ulli Barthmann-Marino  has  29 years experience as a denturist with a friendly, family-like environment to provide the service you need. Located at 11 King St. W., the family­ owned and operated business Barthmann Denture Clinic creates high-quality dentures and does all the work on site.

Ulli's father, the late Karl Barthmann, established Barthmann Denture Clinic in 1975 and the current location opened in 1983. Ulli began working with her father prior to attending college and upon graduation they worked side by side. Ulli has been a member of the Denturist Association of Ontario for 29 years, having graduated from George Brown College in 1986. Her services include oral examination and free consultation and construction of full and partial dentures. Many denture serv­ ices are also provided. Ulli specializes in the hard to fit patient.

Once it is decided the patient needs dentures, an impression is taken and the relationship between the gums and oral health is assessed. Once the impression is taken the patient meets with the to choose the colour and shape of their new teeth.

In the third sitting, the patient will try the denture when the teeth have been set in wax. The patient can see what the denture will look like before they are finished. The patient then visits the denturist one more time to have a final fitting. The clinic also provides regular check­ ups.

Barthmann Denture Clinic takes the time with each patient to ensure their needs are met. There is no rush and we dedicate a lot of time to consultations or advice.

Barthmann Denture Clinic also offers immediate dentures, which avoid the situation of being without teeth. Ulli will take an impression of your mouth while your natural teeth are still pres­ ent. She will then fabricate a denture so when your natural teeth  are extracted, the denture is inserted.

Ulli, who has lived in Stoney Creek for more than 40 years, also visits nursing homes in the Stoney Creek area for denture repairs. German and Italian are spoken in the office.

For information or to book an appointment, call the Barthmann Denture Clinic at (905) 662-7521.

Submitted by Ulli Barthmann-Marnio: August 21, 2015

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