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Dentures are durable

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While it's true that dentures are durable, they aren't any more permanent than eyeglasses. Just as the conditions of the eyes change as you age, so too do the conditions of the mouth. Replacing dentures at regular intervals of 5-7 years or relining them every 2-3 years makes it possible to maintain a healthy natural smile and prevent intraoral deterioration.

In a comfortable, caring environment, Barthmann Denture Clinic specializes in natural looking dentures, both complete and partials.

If your dentures are loose-fitting and chewing has become more difficult, relining them may be the ideal solution. Barthmann Denture Clinic can provide hard or soft touch relines, often performed the same day right in the office. If you ever need a repair, they can usually provide fast repairs while you wait. An on-premises lab ensures quality control, and most work is done on-site.

Barthmann Denture Clinic can also treat clients with difficult dentures, congenital deformities, and dental damage or tooth loss from automobile or sports accidents.

Barthmann Denture Clinic was founded by the late Karl Barthmann in 1975, and is now directed by his daughter, second-generation Denturist Ulli Barthmann-Marino, who has over 25 years of experience.

Barthmann Denture Clinic is open to the public. No referrals are required. Dental insurance and OVA claims are welcome. If you haven't had your dentures checked lately, call to arrange an appointment for your consultation. Visits to nursing homes and hospitals are available.  Like us on Facebook.

Submitted by Ulli Barthmann-Marnio: August 20, 2015

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